Rainbow Watch

emotion of color

The Idea

Rainbow e-motion of colors is an innovative and absolutely new style and form of visualizing time on analogous time pieces.

The Concept

The concept in its form and variety of colors was developed by the famous German artist Paul Heimbach.
The glorious play of colors and their characteristic emotional features led him to time-steered color pattern and displays. Optically the exceptionally striking designs are excellently suited for reading analogous time. All designs were created using the 4 basic colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

The Products

All Rainbow models are eye-catchers. Whether day or night the displays of the watches and clocks radiate an ever-changing array of colorful impressions.
Designed as pieces of art the wall clocks not only beautifully display time, they complement every living space. The Rainbow wristwatches also aesthetically attractive in their own right - whether as a stylish man‘s or elegant lady’s‘ watch.

The Team

„The Management of Rainbow has solid marketing expertise and extensive contacts to watch and clock distributors and retailers which will allow the company to assertively pursue the commercial potential of the German Rainbow trademark,“ said Joachim Baer.
My partner Erich Kastenholz is responsible for all design development and will also supervise all financial and logistic matters”.
“My family has been in the watch business since 1858. My great grandfather, my grandfather and my uncles have all been watch makers, goldsmiths and jewelers”. So it was only natural that Baer uphold the family tradition. He first successfully founded and managed trading company dealing mainly with premium watches, selling ca. 800,000 pieces annually. After which he took on the position of CEO Kienzle AG, Germany, where he solidified his watch expertise and network of reputable connections in the watch industry since 1995. “I feel myself responsible to continue this family tradition in this century” Baer mentioned. „The recent success we have experienced in marketing Rainbow branded watches is directly attributable to the innovative revolutionary concept of Rainbow” Baer said. “Moreover all designs and also the technology are patented. We already set up our production in Germany near Saxonia”.
The high end mechanical wrist watch collection can also be manufactured in solid gold cases and built in Swiss made movements.It is the intention to market a wide variety of high end products worldwide including clocks, watches, and lifestyle products. A jewelery collection to follow in 2009. “The positive reactions of potential international distributors during the recent Baselworld 2008 already indicated that we are on the right track. Preliminary commitments from Japan, China, Middle-East, Russia and the US let us strongly believe in a successful future in 2008/2009”